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When it comes to loving zombies; you may not have thought past the blood and gore that can be found in films, games, and even comic books dedicated to these shambling un-dead creatures; that would sooner eat your brains than play nice.

But, did you know that the history of zombies actually spans back further than pop-culture and Hollywood? The history of zombies can be traced back to Voodoo folklore where the state of zombiism was caused by resurrection by voodoo priests.

When it comes to getting that perfect gift, you will find that there are always ways for you to get it right; if you only pay attention to what your recipient loves! This is especially true for the hard-core zombie fan who would appreciate anything zombie-related.

When it comes to keeping yourself save during the zombie apocalypse; you may want to consider purchasing a zombie survival kit! Not only can it help you to stave off those pesky zombies; it will help to show off your love of zombies to the world!

Zombie t-shirts & Halloween costumes

When it comes to showing your fandom of Zombies; you will find that a popular trend is to immortalize the flesh and brain eating zombie on a t-shirt that will show the world how you feel about good ol' fashioned zombie flicks.

Top 10 gifts for a zombie fan:

1. Zombie gift sets
2. Zombie play set
3. Zombie comics
4. Zombie t-shirt
5. Zombie board game
6. Zombie books
7. Zombie movies
8. Zombie survival kit
9. Zombie Halloween costume and makeup (for next year!)
10. Zombie home decor



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